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Episode 3: Matt and Khani's Longest 3rd Date

After their 2nd date, Matt and Khani decided on a more adventurous 3rd date. They would book their travel tickets and fly to Costa Rica for a few days. While they were enjoying getting to know each other in the tropical paradise, the COVID-19 pandemic grew resulting in travel restrictions. Costa Rica would close its borders and airlines would cancel flights in and out of the country. What would result is a love story that can be told over coffee. A story that tells us that there is a possibility in finding love despite that the feeling that the world is burning around you. Their story was picked up by different news and media agencies. We got to speak with...

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Paramedic Jose Piniero and handling COVID-19 in Long Island, NY

Season1, Episode 2: Jose Piniero - New York Paramedic   When the first reports of COVID-19 in China and Europe, Jose Piniero didn't realize how quick it would make its appearance on Long Island, NY. Jose has been a paramedic for 26 years and nothing could have prepared him for what he was to experience in the next few weeks. As a lead paramedic for a fire department in Long Island, Jose has been helping run the EMS section of the fire department. From hiring other paramedics to ordering supplies, Jose helps keep homeostasis in a well-oiled machine. When in March, COVID-19 began to dwindle in supplies. Jose tried to reach out to his usual vendors and found many to...

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