Paramedic Jose Piniero and handling COVID-19 in Long Island, NY

Season1, Episode 2: Jose Piniero - New York Paramedic


When the first reports of COVID-19 in China and Europe, Jose Piniero didn't realize how quick it would make its appearance on Long Island, NY. Jose has been a paramedic for 26 years and nothing could have prepared him for what he was to experience in the next few weeks.

As a lead paramedic for a fire department in Long Island, Jose has been helping run the EMS section of the fire department. From hiring other paramedics to ordering supplies, Jose helps keep homeostasis in a well-oiled machine. When in March, COVID-19 began to dwindle in supplies. Jose tried to reach out to his usual vendors and found many to be sold out. As his crews took the proper precautions in treating all patients, the amount of confirmed COVID-19 patients hit the department hard. 

COVID-19 had a lot of unknowns and the information would change almost day to day. Jose tells us how the patients he treated felt after knowing that they could possibly infected with a virus that has no definitive treatment. New methods in treatment are implemented in the ambulance in hopes of creating better outcomes for the patients. Also, new treatment methods are implemented to prevent infection to the paramedic.

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