COVID and protests in NY with FDNY EMT Marc Krokowski

When the cases of COVID-19 rose in New York City in early February, EMT Marc Krokowski was attending the FDNY's paramedic school in Ft. Totten, Queens. The number of emergency calls flooding the 911 system for assistance overwhelmed first responders. His fellow EMT's were also out of work after falling sick to COVID-19 symptoms. Marc's class would be put on hold and all of his classmates would return back to their EMS stations to respond to the numerous COVID related calls.


Protests began hitting New York City in late May after a series of deaths of African Americans by police officers occurred nationwide. With Marc's EMS station in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, there was a tension in the air as they continued to respond to emergency calls. Listen to this episode and hear the challenging stories and struggles of our first responders.
Marc Krokowski has been an EMT since 2004. He currently works for the Fire Department of New York as an EMT.

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