Pop-up Espresso Cart


Are you organizing a corporate event or celebrating a special occasion? Black 6 Coffee’s Espresso Cart can help bring quality coffee, personalized service, and classic design to your next event. Our cart is quick to set up whether indoor or outdoor, and we can serve a wide variety of coffees from our menu.

  • Lelit Espresso Machine- polished stainless steel with wooden control handles. Made in Italy
  • Self-Contained pitcher rinser with drain
  • Trained Barista
  • Freshly roasted coffee. Coffee is roasted just days prior to your event
  • Espresso coffee ground on location, not before. For a fresher and more robust flavor
  • We can serve drip coffee and pour-over (V60) coffee. All your pour-over coffee servings will be weighed to provide the perfect coffee to water ratio.
  • Cold Brew, Kyoto Iced Pour Over, or Iced Coffee

We are currently serving events in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut only. Book us for your next event by emailing coffee@black6project.org or filling out the form below.