Twa Mòn
Twa Mòn
Twa Mòn
Twa Mòn
Twa Mòn

Twa Mòn

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Medium Roast in 4oz, 12oz, or 5lbs bag

Cocoa, Black Currant, Swee Hazelnuts
Thiotte, Haiti
1090-1300 meters
Mare Blanche, Tete Source, Colin
Typica, Bourbon, Caturra, and Catimor 

For every 12oz bag of coffee, $10 will go towards The Black 6 Project’s Haiti Relief Efforts.

Singing Rooster, a Haitian-based social enterprise nonprofit is at the forefront of bringing Haitian coffee and cocoa to international markets. Their mission was introduced to us thanks to fellow Marine Corps veteran, Justin Dena. We met Justin during Coffee Fest in NYC in 2019 and we shared stories of relief work in Haiti and our love for coffee. 

On August 14th, 2021 a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck the nation of Haiti and caused damage to the southern peninsula. By the next day, a reported 1,400 people were killed and many more missing as many structures collapsed. To make matters worse, Tropical Storm Grace swept through Haiti while many evacuees had to survive the elements under improvised shelters.

The Black 6 Project has started relief work by coordinating with other NGOs. Relief supplies are being collected and being shipped to where they are needed. Medical and building supplies are in high demand. With the coordination of Justin, we are getting the relief supplies to where they are needed.

Twa Mòn, is Haitian Creole for “Three Mountains” which describes the three coffee coops the coffee hails from. Haitian coffee is known for its smooth flavor, medium bodied, and low acidity. Twa Mòn brings a subtle taste of black currant and the sweetness of hazelnut.


How to choose your grind...
Everybody has their own preference for brewing coffee. We offer grinds for the following methods at the moment.
French Press – We use a coarse grind for the French press. Grind consistency is similar to that of kosher salt.
Drip - We use a medium grind with a consistency similar to table salt. Request this if you brew your coffee with a Chemex, Hario pour over or a coffee machine.