The Black 6 Mobile Coffee/Disaster Relief Van

Black 6 Mobile is our next venture in serving our specialty grade coffee. It's not your ordinary coffee van. Black 6 Mobile will be fully customized so we can swap out our coffee equipment and then be equipped with disaster relief equipment.

With the permanent closing of our cafe in the East Village, NYC due to COVID-19 and looting during protests, we had to figure out a new way to get our coffee to the world. Black 6 Mobile to us our preferred way to get our specialty coffee out and into your hands so that you could experience how coffee would taste when high standards are placed on its methods of growing and processing. Because of our partnership with coffee producers, we are able to learn more about the meticulous practices it takes to create the best taking coffee in the world. To donate please click the link below to help us bring this dream into fruition.

Our goal of reaching $100,000 will allow us to build an AWD or 4X4 version of a high roof Ford Transit or Mercedes Benz Sprinter into a multi functional van. As well as equip the van to serve Black 6 Coffee by installing specialty coffee equipment such as grinders, espresso machines, and brewers. Your donations will also help us equip volunteers with communication, medical, reconnaissance, and camping equipment.

During this time we'd like capture the process and share it with you via video through our YouTube channel. So please visit the channel, for current updates on the build. Black 6 Coffee YouTube Channel