Salute to Veterans! Black 6 Coffee's 3 Year Anniversary.

Black 6 Coffee Is Turning 3!

When we first launched our website 3 years ago, we never thought it would lead to where we are today. We got to meet so many people who love coffee and also have a love for service to their fellow human beings. 

It's been a trying year as we had to see what this year would bring. We've always believed coffee brought us together, to exchange ideas, to talk about the affairs of the world, ideas and thoughts flow like how coffee is poured. No matter how tough things get, we learned to celebrate the small things or we'll never get to celebrate at all. So let's see those beautiful faces that we've missed so much and salute the service of our veterans and celebrate our company's existence of another year. You'll also get to try a Black 6 Brew Espresso Martini. Cheers! 

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