Food For Impact - Bringing meals to the frontline

As a New York City based company, we face a grim future because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our cafe had to close down in the East Village and many other restaurants face the same demise. As quickly as we closed, we moved to the frontlines in the fight against COVID. We saw a strained 911 system as first responders faced emergency calls that exceeded the September 11 attacks. Hospitals are overrun with infected patients and the staff facing being infected themselves as equipment and supplies run short.

The Black 6 Project (our charity arm) has teamed up with Milk Money Kitchens and Tac N Roll to bring healthy, delicious, and fulfilling meals to the frontline. Using our network of restaurants, healthcare providers, and first responder, we are making sure we are helping feed the frontline battle against COVID-19. 

We are calling upon the rest of the restaurant industry to take a pledge to help feed the frontline  by joining the Food For Impact program. Join us in providing free, at cost, or low-cost pricing to feed our EMT's, Nurses, Doctors and Police Officers working around the clock to save lives and prevent the spread of the virus.

We ask you to donate $10. This amount will help us purchase food and provide delivery to one healthcare worker or first responder working on the frontlines. Our partners took the pledge to use 100% of the donation towards fresh ingredients, labor, and delivery. These will be delivered to different hospitals, EMS stations, police precincts, and fire stations.

To donate please follow this link "Food For Impact"

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We are also looking for sponsors to be part of the Food For Impact program. 

Platinum Sponsor- $1000 or donate 100 meals
  • Helps us cook and deliver 100 meals to the frontline
  • We deliver your message to the frontline with a card delivered with the meals. Your company's logo can be included
  • 6"x6" logo on our delivery vehicle

Gold Sponsor- $500 or donate 50 meals

  • Same as Platinum Sponsor but 3"x3" logo on our delivery vehicle

Current Platinum Sponsors:


If you'd like to participate or be a sponsor of this program, please contact us at