Geovanny Castro
Geovanny Castro
Geovanny Castro

Geovanny Castro

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Medium Roast in 4oz, 12oz, or 5lbs bags

Cinammon, Nutmeg, Green Apple
Huila, Colombia
1300 meters
Geovanny Castro
Washed Double Fermentation

Cosecha Traders, a Colombia based coffee exporter brought this coffee to our attention. If you haven't heard about Cosecha Traders, it was founded by Luis Carlos Sossa, a Colombian-American that has a passion for coffee and its social impact. Like us, he is hoping to bring some good in coffee by specifically sourcing coffee from indigenous and conflict regions in Colombia. By exporting coffee from these isolated coffee farmers, he is hoping to bring awareness to the many factors and challenges that farmers like Geovanny Castro have in selling their specialty-grade coffee. 

About the farmer: Geovanny Castro is a 3rd generation coffee farmer and he's been helping run his family's farm since he was 10 years old. This experience in coffee led to knowledge and wisdom early in his years. Waking and rising at 5 in the morning during the harvest season and working till 10 pm is part of his work ethic that has contributed heavily to the quality of flavors found in the coffee he grows. Working with Cosecha Traders and their partners, they were able to further develop his coffee and get it to market in the US. He hopes to improve his farming in the future by renovating his drying beds, washing, fermentation station, and housing for his coffee pickers. Along with coffee. Geovanny also grows other crops such as yucca, plantains, maize, beans, and sugar cane.

Click the link to read more about Cosecha Traders and their work.

How to choose your grind...
Everybody has their own preference for brewing coffee. We offer grinds for the following methods at the moment.
French Press – We use a coarse grind for the French press. Grind consistency is similar to that of kosher salt.
Drip - We use a medium grind with a consistency similar to table salt. Request this if you brew your coffee with a Chemex, Hario pour over or a coffee machine.