Dominican Republic Organic Honey Processed

Dominican Republic Organic Honey Processed

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Medium Roast in a 4oz, 12oz, or 5lbs bag

Vanilla, Nut, Strawberry, Stone Fruit
Jarabacoa Region, Dominican Republic
1,400 meters above sea level
Ramirez Estate
Honey Process

This small batch coffee hails from the Dominican Republic. Although the culture is known for their love of coffee, we hardly see coffee beans originating from this source. So to find a coffee importer offering a coffee from this country, it was a rare find. Plus it's organic and honey processed. After having roasted one pound of it as medium-dark roast, we shared it with some friends. The feedback was great and many wanted more of it. We were able to get a few more pounds of it.

This organic coffee is medium-dark roasted and has a nice well balanced dark nutty note, strawberry jam, and stone fruit sweetness. It's low acidity and its aroma is unique for its dark roast. Hope you enjoy it. Available for a limited time only for pick up or mailed delivery.

If your grind size is unavailable, choose whole bean then message me how you'd like it ground. 

If you'd like to pick it up, message me after ordering and I'll refund you shipping costs.

Will be roasted January 11th, 2021

How to choose your grind...
Everybody has their own preference for brewing coffee. We offer grinds for the following methods at the moment.
French Press – We use a coarse grind for the French press. Grind consistency is similar to that of kosher salt.
Drip - We use a medium grind with a consistency similar to table salt. Request this if you brew your coffee with a Chemex, Hario pour over or a coffee machine.