Coffees of the Philippines- Stories Over Coffee

2 years ago, we came across our first coffee farm during a disaster relief mission in the northern highlands of the Philippines. This trip in 2018 is what inspired us to establish the Black 6 Coffee Trading Co. We frequently travelled to different places of the world to fulfill our mission of providing aid to under privileged communities. It just so happens that most of the places we travel to grow some great coffee.

The Black 6 team makes its first trip to Kibungan, Philippines

During the last two years, we've collected and sample different coffees across the Philippines. Some didn't become available for our shop because the quantities would be too small to sell. These rare coffee beans sat in storage and the stories of how we got them remain untold. We thought it would be a great opportunity to roast these different coffee beans that we've sourced from the Philippines and share it with the many coffee lovers curious to explore the flavors the Philippines has to offer. 

Location: Milk Money Kitchens 50 Avenue A, New York, NY 10009

Date and Time: November 15th, 2020 3pm-4pm

Tickets: $20 available via Eventbrite

We will be offering 6 different coffees that were sourced during our trips to the Philippines. A presentation has been put together about how they were sourced and how the coffee industry is thriving in the Philippines. Each coffee will be roasted 5 days prior to the event and brewed by pour-over method. The coffee will also be paired with different popular Filipino desserts such as "Ube pan de sal" and "Leche flan".

This will be our first coffee tasting event that we will be hosting and we hope to bring the experience that we've seen in the mountains to the cup in the cafe.

Ube Pan De Sal paired with Filipino coffee