Operation Puerto Rico Quake- Black 6 Responds To Recent Earthquakes

Since late December 2019, approximately 2,000 earthquakes have hit the island of Puerto Rico with the strongest being a magnitude 6.4 quake. These earthquakes would occur almost daily causing major structural damage, power outages, and displacing many residents.

We are currently working with local contacts to understand the resources needed and are standing up a disaster relief team to provide aid to those affected.

Many residents are displaced due to damaged homes or out of fear of collapse as tremors and quakes continue every day. Most of the damage has been to cities to the south like Guayanilla and Ponce. With 2,000 evacuees and one reported casualty, aid is needed to help those evacuated or living without access to power or food.

We are currently looking for volunteers with disaster relief experience, veterans, and first responders. We are currently planning an early February deployment. Please visit our VOLUNTEER PAGE to volunteer.

To help fund our disaster relief mission to Puerto Rico, please considering to our Operation Puerto Rico Quake page: