COVID-19 with NYC EMT supervisor Patricia Ort- Season 1 Episode 1

Welcome to the first season of Black 6 Coffee's "Coffee Chronicles: Stories Over Coffee". In this first season,  we speak with those on the frontlines of the COVID pandemic. We also hear from guests in other countries who have been impacted by sickness or by quarantine restrictions.


In our very first episode, we interview Patricia Ort. She is a New York City EMT supervisor. She shares with us how she got into her profession in EMS. During the middle of February, she notices the change in emergency calls in New York City. As the weeks progress, her department and her emergency care providers are burdened by the amount of COVID related calls. The amount of 911 calls hit record highs in New York City and she tells us how her staff handled the peak of the pandemic. Her leadership helped keep the department together and we have the honor of hearing how she assured her team that they would able to handle this pandemic.

COVID-19 puts a strain on the health care system as many patients end up in the hospital requiring special attention to prevent the spread of the disease. Those caring for those infected are themselves put at risk. With PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) they are able to lessen there changes for exposure. But, the supplies of PPE quickly dwindle as the system cannot keep up with the number of patients. How does one lead a department when each member is at risk of exposing themselves? Patricia's leadership ability helps calm her team and shows the support that is needed to keep the team going.

On top of PPE becoming more scarce and staff members getting sick, Patricia has to lead new EMT's with less experience into difficult situations. Soon New York City's 911 calls almost all become COVID related calls and the EMT's have to respond rapidly while being cautious and approach with safety. 

Patricia's story is one of living in one's purpose and where one functions more highly during the most stressful and difficult situations. We hope her story inspires others to become the type of leader that is there for their staff and can also assure that the outcomes are dependant on teamwork.

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