Warm & Fuzzy
Warm & Fuzzy
Warm & Fuzzy
Warm & Fuzzy

Warm & Fuzzy

Medium Roast in 4oz, 12oz, or 5lbs bag

flavor profile
cranberry, caramel, dark chocolate, cocoa
60% El Salvador, 20% Costa Rican, 20% Ethiopian

Warm & Fuzzy – a unique coffee that is bold and smooth with a lingering sweetness, making it perfect to drink black or enjoy for dessert. The toasty caramel aroma embraces you like a warm loving hug from a loved one. Every sip of this coffee unfolds itself on your palate, from the first taste opening with gloriously ripe red cranberries that transforms into luxuriously rich dark chocolate soon after. It’s the perfect coffee to sip and enjoy the time with loved ones.

We crafted this holiday blend to capture the heartfelt emotion and gratitude loved ones feel when their family member returns safely from active duty service in the military. This is why our new limited edition holiday blend is called Warm & Fuzzy, to capture this emotion.

"A Marine always longs for home and that wish grows stronger during the holidays because the opportunity was rare. So to have Joe home is a real blessing especially during this time of year knowing that your loved one is safe and home for the holidays definitely puts a warm and fuzzy feeling in your heart."
– Jane (founder of Black 6 Coffee Joe's wife)

How to choose your grind...
Everybody has their own preference for brewing coffee. We offer grinds for the following methods at the moment.
French Press – We use a coarse grind for the French press. Grind consistency is similar to that of kosher salt.
Drip - We use a medium grind with a consistency similar to table salt. Request this if you brew your coffee with a Chemex, Hario pour over or a coffee machine.