Landslide Kibungan
Landslide Kibungan
Landslide Kibungan
Landslide Kibungan
Landslide Kibungan

Landslide Kibungan

Medium Roast in a 12-oz bag

flavor profile
cocoa powder, roasted nuts, blueberry
Kibungan, Benguet, Philippines
8,000 feet above sea level
farm / co-operative
Kibungan Arabica Coffee Growers Co-op
process + sorting
honey process + hand sorted

A velvety smooth, medium bodied coffee with lingering notes of chocolate and roasted nuts, balanced with bright blueberry is the personal favorite of Joe, our founder and head roaster.

The coffee beans are from Kibungan, in the Benguet province of the Philippines. Grown by the Kibungan Arabica Coffee Growers Co-op, the coffee cherries are harvested by hand and dehulled. The farmers then sun-dry the coffee beans with the parchment still on the bean. This process is known as the “honey process.” Honey processing imparts unique flavors and aromas to the coffee and is ecologically friendly as it uses less water to process the coffee beans.

The sales of this limited quantity coffee will help fund a medical aid trip to this region in the Philippines in 2019. With the ever changing global weather patterns, there are stronger and more occurrences of “super” storms affecting the Philippines. The Black 6 Project plans to use proceeds to respond should another natural disaster strike this area.

How to choose your grind...
Everybody has their own preference for brewing coffee. We offer grinds for the following methods at the moment.
French Press – We use a coarse grind for the French press. Grind consistency is similar to that of kosher salt.
Drip - We use a medium grind with a consistency similar to table salt. Request this if you brew your coffee with a Chemex, Hario pour over or a coffee machine.